Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Letter to President Obama -- sent 11-17-16 at 4:22pm

Mr. President,

I greet you as a grateful citizen for your work these past 8 years.  I was a supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Primary, but then worked for you in that transformative election.  I am a gay man who never believed that you could deliver on the promise of making the opposition see way to compromise, and while I am sad that I was proven correct, I will always be grateful for your efforts.  History will remember you as a principled and honorable leader who did his best to make the world better.  I attended a school in Hyde Park, and met so many constituents from your State Senate days who are so proud of you.

Your legacy will not be forgotten.  I just returned from Ohio after working for Hillary Clinton, and while I am so so saddened after the devastating result, I know that those of us who are on the side of reason and justice will one day prevail.  Obamacare Plus will be revived in the next Democratic administration.  I promise.   Your history as an organizer has propelled me to begin looking for work as a full-time organizer.  The work combating the stain of systemic racism and injustice has only begun.

I owe you so much gratitude for everything you have done.  My husband and I were married after the gay marriage Supreme Court ruling, in front of the Supreme Court one week later!  We were so happy that day.  It was encouraging to know that the government supported our development as a family.  Thank you.

I know it is probably impossible, but my husband and I would love to meet you or talk to you, either before you leave office or after.  To have a picture with you, or even one just of you and your family, would be framed in our house and cherished for decades.  I know it is next to an impossible idea, and I ask this with the hope that your eager aide who is reading this could perhaps send this request up the food chain.  Plus, we are in DC often.  A sojourn to the White House would not be difficult.

I wish you and your staff the very best.  Yours is a legacy that will be complicated, challenged, and in the end, vindicated.

On behalf of my husband, Adam; my mother, Melanie; my sister, Sara; and those of my family who are not nuts, I wish you the best.  Please do not stay silent in the tradition of past presidents.  We will need you in the coming storm.  

Please enjoy the Holidays.  The work for Hope and Change never ends.

Best Wishes for the Future,

Michael Patrick Brown

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